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Innovations and FP7 Projects

RIDAN is a company operating actively in the textile industry and is engaged in innovatory textiles and fabrics as well as in developing proprietary computer software solutions. Our target is to become a modern research and development centre.

We are oriented towards the development of innovatory products within the textile industry area. We focus on expert opinions and trainings destined for the companies that are committed and watch for their development in this market segment. We cooperate with companies within the textile industry; we are a partner of contractors and research institutes by implementing the state-of-the-art technologies as well as acquiring and coordinating processes of other industrial areas. 
We have the experience in the usage of information and computer technologies with textiles to monitor usage and environmental parameters.

We belong to the international group of specialists. We are the promoter of global information on modern materials and their potential use in the industry and therefore participate in the several European Union Framework 7 Programme projects and look forward Horizon 2020.