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InterClinic System

As a result of the cooperation between RIDAN and InfomedSoftware the portfolio of offered solutions includes InterClinic – an integrated computer system. The innovative solution meeting halfway the needs of all medical facilities allows for complex automation of the information flow.

InterClinic is an integrated computer system that thanks to its rich functionality may streamline significantly the operation of medical facilities. It is the software that not only increases the effectiveness of daily activities, but also supports the facility management aspect. This ready solution automates and improves distinctly the communication of medical facilities with external establishments, including the National Health Fund.

As a result of the years of testing the programmers, doctors and business analysts engaged in the project of the development of InterClinic and its previous editions succeeded in developing the product that offers to its Users a wide range of functionalities reflecting the specificity of medical activity with due diligence.

InterClinic is characterized with good parametrizability and scalability. It stands for the possibility of accurate and simple mapping of a unit organizational structure in the form of operational parameters such as: a number of wards, a number of facilities, provided services, employees fulfilling particular functions in the system and many other individual operational parameters.

The system construction allows adjusting its configuration to a structure and size of a unit. It allows reflecting accurately individual unit features resulting from the specificity of provided medical services (disease entity being treated) and organizational differences. The IT technology and solution architecture used allows for its easy development and inclusion of consecutive users.

InterClinic enables to collect and process complexly medical and financial data generated at each phase of a patient’s stay at a facility. The system supports integrally the information process between a medical facility, a patient and a tax-payer. A huge advantage of this program is its openness enabling efficient cooperation with external systems, among others financial and accountancy ones as well as diagnostic ones.

InterClinic is an integrated IT system. All elements of the system are based on common data structure. It eliminates multiple entries of the same information. Modules composing the system as well as mutual relations and connections between them are parameterised to the extent that enables to define own glossaries and operation rules of primary functions. The system structure allows supplementing it with new technologically consistent functionalities that are developed due to the amendments within regulations and standards.

InterClinic is constantly improved and developed. In reply to market needs new versions of modules are prepared all the time.

Due to the heterogeneity of the organization of medical health service units, InterClinic offers a number of functional modules grouped in three main subsystems:

  1. InterClinic Outpatient Clinic – subsystem dedicated to outpatient clinics (and the network of outpatient clinics),
  2. InterClinic Hospital- subsystem dedicated to hospitals, both small and large, multi-specialized ones,
  3. InterClinic Other modules – subsystem containing functionalities integrated with the subsystem, IC Outpatient Clinic as well as IC Hospital