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Ridan takes part in FP7-EeB.NMP.2011-3 R&D Project EASEE

EASEE aims at developing a tool-kit for energy efficient envelope retrofitting of existing multi-storey andmulti-owner buildings which combines novel design and assessment strategies, modular prefabricated elements,advanced insulating materials and new scaffolding-free installation approaches, to reduce energy demand,minimising the impact on occupants while preserving the façade original appearance.

Particularly, the project will target residential buildings with cavity walls built before 70’s. These buildings require façade retrofitting for technical reasons or improvements in the insulation and energy efficiency to reduce the energy demand, while the conservation of the building appearance is necessary. EASEE will focus on the 3 main components of the envelope that influence the energy performance of multi-storey building, namely the outer façade, the cavity walls and the interior envelope, by developing innovative and easy to implement solutions. A new range of specific solutions will be developed within the project, that will be combined according to the characteristics of the building to be retrofitted as well as to other non technical parameters as for example cost and location of the building, also within the district.

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